So…You’re Looking to Blend Comfort with Style? Dress it up with Cellular Shades.

When you think of the ultimate in a well put together home, it’s not just the furniture and fancy finishes that makes it all come together, you must also consider beautifully coordinated and highly stylish window coverings.

Consider this, you pan through an enormous amount of exquisitely photographed rooms on Pinterest, HGTV and other sites that offer glorious LookBooks, but when you imagine yourself in those spaces, you realize that there is something missing from the photos that prevent you from getting sold on that feeling of coming home. And sometimes you don’t know what is missing until you finally realize that amongst all the fluff and fancifulness of the exotic rooms presented, they remain one very important element that is missing… the windows are bare!

Windows that have not been properly outfitted make no statement whatsoever. Yes, they let the light shine gloriously and unrestrictedly through, which works for most of us during the day. But when night falls and we want to hunker down and relax on the couch or sit by a table and put up our feet to read, or just run around and play catch with the kids, we tend to find comfort in some modicum of privacy. For now the lights come on inside, and the darkness of the exterior allows everyone that passes by and unhampered and televised view of what ever you happen to be doing in your home.

One of the most energy efficient and stylish solutions that make for a perfect blend of comfort and style are the gorgeously attractive Cellular Shades. These window coverings come in a huge variety of styles, fun colors and options. The honeycomb cells contain pockets that trap hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter to provide insulation that is second to none. The Bottom Up/Top Down feature allows you to lift the shade from the bottom towards the top or from the top towards the bottom, or anywhere in between. And because the stack on a cellular shade is so tight, you can still pull the shade up all the way to let that alluring light shine brilliantly through during the day if you want, and then pull them down to get your desired privacy at night.

Blend those fabulous shades with the draperies of your choice for a totally structured look. Choose a coordinating color that flanks the windows on each side and add coordinating cushions for the couch and armchairs to tie it all together. What you end up with is a look of superior style and sophistication that rivals those glossy photos in magazines and online LookBooks.

Cherrie Thompson

Owner, Made in the Shade Blinds & More