When it comes to window coverings, we offer a variety of different products with a dazzling array of options. Mini blinds were all the rage back in the day, but although there’s so much more out there faux wood mini blinds in particular remain a strong choice today. Fabricators are constantly working hard to create the next line of innovative products and we are seeing some gorgeous new options arrive on the market. We have seen a magnitude of new products ranging from Graber’s awe inspiring new Overture Sheer Shades and Mezzanine Layered window shadings to Solera®, the shadings with a fluid, sculpted look from Hunter Douglas. Each manufacturer has been upgrading their products with new bells and whistles that are intended to completely win over prospective buyers.

Yet, the everyday ordinary staple and best selling window covering product in the USA, the mini blind, will never go out of style. Blinds offer the privacy, textures, colors and price that many people are searching for. They are available in fabrics, aluminum, vinyl, faux wood, and wood and come in a variety of options and colors. While standard blinds are always our most inexpensive option, we offer several upgrades that can not only cover those unsightly route holes, but also eliminate them entirely. Manufacturers offer lots of choices but you can generally find what you are looking for when you review them. Here are three comparisons.

Norman Window Fashions touts their award winning smart privacy blind to be the very best blind, with the very best price, that is delivered very fast! They come with built in child safety and a designer valance. The smart privacy option is standard with Norman. This means that they are no pesky light gaps and route holes. It is truly an amazing product.

The standard Graber blind does have route holes in the slats, however one can easily upgrade to a route less version. Its cordless option (child and pet safety) is as superior as it’s Best Experience warranty. Like Norman, their product looks good in the window and it is durable. It is also delivered fast.

Timber Blinds faux wood blinds are sturdy and have a ton of color offerings. The pricing for the entry-level product is very competitive. Like Graber, there are route holes in the slats for the entry level offering and an upgrade is necessary if you need to go route less. For added child safety and a Best for Kids™ feature, upgrade to Timber’s certified Lift & Lock.

But why mini blinds? And why does faux wood mini blinds remain the best selling of all mini blinds? Here are some of the reasons cited:

  • They fit into the windows beautifully
  • They provide privacy
  • Mini blinds allows you to control the light that enters the room
  • They come in a wide array of colors and finishes
  • They look like real wood blinds, but cost about 20-30% less
  • They are easy to care for
  • Good faux wood blinds do not warp, crack, stain, split or chip in high humidity
  • They are perfect for bathrooms or areas where there is moisture

There are a ton of blind fabricators out there and the majority of new homes in Texas continue to install this product into their new homes. Although shutters, cellular or solar shades, Roman shades, designer draperies all have their stage presence, mini blinds continue to take center stage. Fabricators continue to take steps to make them better. And with the best price for quality feature, faux wood blinds have remained the best selling blind in the United States, bar none.

Cherrie Thompson


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